[lucite object]

The now legendary first episode of Fiction by Louie won this 1996 WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) award for public access entertainment. The WAVE awards are sponsored by the Alliance For Community Media and cover the western United States, six states in all. We didn't win any money, but look: the statue is shaped like a wave, and it's made out of genuine lucite! (actual size about 8" x 4"). We consider ourselves lucky, as 1996 was the only year that the WAVE award was a cool statue instead of a plaque.

We've got pictures of us accepting the WAVE award and being appropriately worshipful of it. Note to those with really slow modems: the pictures are about 30 and 50k, not giant but more than a few seconds worth.

[shiny plaque] Louie captured the WAVE entertainment category again in 1998 with the third episode of Fiction by Louie. This time the awards covered eight states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. They gave us this shiny plaque (actual size 10" x 8") and some pieces of cake. The plaque looks good hanging on the wall and the cake had raspberry in the middle, plus we got to eat it in a suite at the Peppermill in Reno that came equipped with its own spiral staircase.

[paper certificate] We also received this lovely certificate (actual size 8 1/2" x 11") when episode two of Fiction by Louie was a finalist (that means somewhere in the top three in this case) in the 1997 BACE (Bay Area Cable Excellence) awards. As it turned out the statue, which looks sort of like one of those things they use to display the commemorative plates on at Hallmark stores, went to another show produced at our home station Marin 31.

The promo we made for Fiction by Louie #3 was a finalist for best Program Intro, Promo, or PSA in the 1998 BACE awards, which got us another certificate. Our promo was the very first clip shown at the awards ceremony. It features Fancushion regular Dan Connors dressed up as Satan and cackling insanely, which we felt was an excellent and probably appropriate way to start off the evening.
The promo was also awarded this Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition (!?), signed by our own beloved Congressional Representative, Lynn Woolsey. We're not sure why Congress was interested in our promo, but think it must have had something to do with some sort of election or other. The certficate came with a handsome blue folding cover emblazoned with:
The Official Seal of the United States House of Representatives