Fiction by Louie

Public Excess Television

Fiction by Louie is crackpot drama being produced by the Fancushion people, who want to improve the quality of your life. Each show features a central dramatic segment accompanied by unrelated skits, musical numbers, and things that happened in front of a camera that was accidentally left on. You never know what you might find, and Louie, like Life, will not explain everything for you.

Episode 1

Why Does It Hurt When I See?

Under the Gumbo Limbo Tree

Episode 2

Weenie Roast

Shemp For Victory

Episode 3

The Hangover

Episode 4

Colossal Science Fiction Epic

Episode 5 (The "Some Things That Happened..." Series)

What We Did
Looks Like Dave
Shooten-footen Out the Flue

Episode 6

Heinous Johnny's Suburban Dream
Feeding Cheezits to Ants

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