Jesse Clark

Nuns and Head

Nuns and Head two thoughts not usually Thunk
Except by the Holy and the incredibly Drunk
Blessed is the man with Nuns on his Cranium
For he is Protected from Chernobyl Uranium
When time has Passed and We are all dead
The memory Lives on
Of the man upon whose head
The Nuns did Tread
--Dan Connors
This is Jesse. He has broken every bone in his body, even that teeny-tiny one in the inner ear. He is constantly confusing "seminal" and "seminole". Jesse rarely comes out of his house because there is always a horde of small children just outside his door, waiting to ambush him and whack him in the head with pieces of Barbie's friend Midge.

Jesse directed "Why Does It Hurt When I See?", "Shemp For Victory", and "The Colossal Science Fiction Epic". He played the role of Donald in "Weenie Roast" and the role of Winnie in "The Hangover".

Jesse lives in Los Angeles now, where he is knocking the socks off of casting directors and crusading for the popularity of Sparts. He still hangs out with the Fancushion folks sometimes through the magic of Modern Technology.