The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #719
(Week of 14 March, 2010)

Yet another poem on the topic I love to gripe about at this time of year. Thanks to George for inadvertently supplying the capper.


Sunny weekend extra large
Calm and coddling beach location
Not in tow and not in charge
Bobbing afloat in mute vacation
Saunter feet on gentle sand
Self and situation blending
Scavenged shells and stones in hand
Held inertly non-impending
Cranium on naughtopilot
No electrical resistance
Intentionality is twilit
Pondering horizon's distance
Relaxation incomplete
Nagging temporal deceit
Zen philosophy defeated
I'm too aware I have been cheated
Hard I worked for these hours of slack
And then the government takes one back
Embezzlement of personal time
A blatant sixty-minute crime
A gap in the day is a hole in the beach
Housing a lurking enjoyment leech
The sand is cut with shards of glass
The sun has a slightly grayish cast
The air is tinged with the taste of soot
The wading bird is missing a foot
The clocks again are misbehaving
Someone somewhere is point shaving
I contemplate the ocean waving
The tide, after all, does not have daylight saving

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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