The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #725
(Week of 23 May, 2010)



The first thing we'll do is we'll spackle and paint
Treating the living room's eggshell-white taint
Refinish the floorboards and carpet the den
Add double-pane windows and shutters and then
We tear out the bathroom walls, pause and rethink
The medicine chest and the tub and the sink
A kitchen remodel of course is essential
Exploring its social aesthetic potential
We'll expand the garage to make room for a shop
Ventilation beneath and some storage on top
Then we'll jack up the house fifteen feet in the air
Replace the ground floor and build plenty of stairs
A sun room, a rain room, a wind room, a game room
A pet room, a train room, a study, a crane room
Revolving guest bedrooms to take in the views
With self-tinting windows for optimal hues
Gargantuan wind-powered LCD walls
Will show classic art in gargantuan halls
Electronic underground closets-on-demand
With seasonal sensors and full palette scan
A landing strip and a retractable dome
Animatronics for when no one's home
A medieval tower for extra protection
Three more to cover the other directions
A system of locks and a dock for the boat
The one that we'll use for patrolling the moat
And that's the beginning of what we'll pursue
Time is so long and there's so much to do

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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