The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #748
(Week of 5 December, 2010)

The holiday season needs more holidays.

International Rational Day

On Rational Day we contemplate
The brainy and talented human race
In all its various viral forms
Resisting standards, rules and norms
We celebrate with some we know
Relatives and friends and foes
Our lumpy, leaky fellow folks
Quirky jalopies in fleshy cloaks
We huddle, eat and drink and spill
With company to drive out the chill
Cousins, politics and weather
And isn't it nice that we're all together?
Here we are on planet Earth
Let's do some good and have some worth
Sing the I'm a Grown-Up chorus
No one else will do it for us
Keep a sanitary dwelling
Share with our roommates and tone down the yelling
Another life is a sucker bet
Don't screw this up, it's all we get
According to atheist tradition
Humans create the human condition
Along with fire and quarks and fractions
Responsibility for our actions
Not because anyone told us to
But simply because it's what we can do

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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