The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #807
(Week of 22 July, 2012)

It was nice out today.


Just you and me and the breath of the trees
And a wedge of extravagant artisan cheese
Made from six-legged goats only found in Belize
And some flax fennel bread warmed to ninety degrees
Honey from proactive feminist bees
Organic wine made from soybeans and peas
Limes grown by monks in the Florida Keys
And a blanket hand-woven by Greenpeace trustees
We talked about water and good kinds of dirt
About plans to retire and live in a yurt
Where to get scraps for the composting pile
Hiking the Andes and rafting the Nile
And then when the festering zombies arrived
We abandoned our sandals and ran for our lives
Shrieking so loud that it sounded like laughter
Encouraging them to come shambling after
Nature is sunshine and also disease
And cruel to deprive us of artisan cheese

Copyright © 2012 by Dave Grossman

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