The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #877
(Week of 1 March, 2015)

I was walking to the coffee shop today, Anna and Max alongside, and I'd been daydreaming about work for several blocks when suddenly I remembered that I should be trying to get into poem writing mode. At that moment we happened to be passing some bushes that had reddish leaves, and I exclaimed aloud and off the top of my head, "I'll write about the world's hottest chili pepper." And so I did.

The Fluffy Bunny Pepper

The hottest pepper ever grown
Corroded flesh and shattered bone
A horrifying death by pepper
The sordid chili is my shepherd

But what a way to be erased
Superlative the final taste
Eclipsing pain and melted face
Fiery is the touch of grace

Around the world the people flocked
To claim a share of scanty stocks
Fisticuffs and battles fought
They ended up by drawing lots

And we salute the lucky few
For one brief flaming lick they knew
The most extreme of life and tongue
Arias of screaming sung the joy that had been won

Copyright © 2015 by Dave Grossman

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