The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #703
(Week of 15 November, 2009)

November is National Novel Writing Month, or "NaNoWriMo" for those too busy putting words on paper to say the whole thing out longhand. The shortened name makes me think of extra tiny poems, but actually the idea is to turn yourself into an uncontrollable firehose of creativity, pumping out an entire book (50,000 words is the standard goal, I think) by the end of the month, putting off worrying about editing and turning it into something GOOD until afterwards. Which is a great idea, but there must be days... well, like the one I was having today, where you're uninspired and would rather be doing something else. What I usually do in those situations is write about them:

Stymied Days

Wintering the stymied daze
Beneath a slather of malaise
A gloppy mental mayonnaise
Difficult smelling mayonnaise
Difficult spelling mayonnaise
Progressive blindness of the brain
Excessive dryness of the veins
Lack of spryness
Lack of wryness
Slack of slyness
Minus minus
Peanut butter clogs the drain
Difficult smelling mayonnaise clogs the drain
And while beleaguered pipes are sputtering
Lustful the allure of puttering
The clear and simple pure of puttering
Familiar and secure of puttering
The panacea cure of puttering
Really I would rather be puttering
Abandoning the teapot brewing
Whatever projects I had been pursuing
I'd rather not even finish what I'm

Copyright © 2009 by Dave Grossman

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