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POTW #794
(Week of 11 March, 2012)

This is where you would normally find my biannual rant about Daylight Saving. But you're probably already reeling and late from the loss of an hour, so let's just shorthand that, rant rant rant, and I'll remind you that International Color Time ( avoids the confusion of Daylight Saving, and also that there is now a free Android app for same (

And now on with the show. This week's poem was inspired by a particular task which I undertook yesterday afternoon, and is dedicated to Leo, a fellow poet who would have appreciated it as a metaphor for life in general.


I'm stuffing cooked spaghetti into a jar hung upside down
With the back of a spoon that's held in my teeth and which weighs about thirty-five pounds
My left hand is coated in butter and having a swordfight with three musketeers
The right one is fixing a valuable watch with fragile microscopic gears
And I'm humming the rhymes of the poem I'm actively trying to recompose
While tattooing it onto a muskrat using a needle attached to my toes
I can't stop stirring the sauce, of course, or otherwise it will explode
And everything's bouncing around because of the potholes in the road
And so it goes, and so it goes

Copyright © 2012 by Dave Grossman

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