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POTW #820
(Week of 4 November, 2012)

Election Day is almost upon us here in the states, poll results are all the rage, and our presidential candidates are bending over backward to try to sway small numbers of voters in what we call "swing states." All the counting and re-polling and whispery strategizing is kind of fun to watch in a high-school-gossip sort of way, but I also find it distasteful. I had thought of trying to convince the whole country to join me in a giant pact to always tell every pollster that we're all undecided, so these guys would have no data and would have to run on their actual opinions. Unfortunately, uninformed pandering would probably be even less pleasant than informed pandering. Anyway, the polls claim it will be a close race, so get out there on Tuesday and let your voice be heard, whether you live in a swing state or not. Here's a poem in the meantime:

Hard to Get

I have decided
To be undecided
To coat my opinions with coy

In the hopes I'll receive
Til Election Day Eve
What the folks in Ohio enjoy

All those candidate visits!
Their smiles, so exquisite!
Like first dates again and again

All that flirty attention
And that's not to mention
The bountiful way that they spend!

Two competitive beaus
Buy me health care and clothes
While I bask in elusive allure

I say bring on the doting
The lush self-promoting
The sweet-nothing quoting
As to how I'll be voting
The Question will stay premature
When you ask I'll just say I'm not sure

Copyright © 2012 by Dave Grossman

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