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POTW #835
(Week of 7 April, 2013)

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Anyway, a neat thing about moving a web site to a new server is that it doesn't change anything about how readers get there - kind of like moving your house across the country but keeping your address. And that got me thinking about moving and contact information in general, which is where this week's poem came from. Remember when you actually had to know people's phone numbers?

I Remember Numbers

I still remember numbers
Once it was required
My mind remains encumbered
Although the milk's expired

I often carry pocket change
I used to put it into phones
The spinning circles now seem strange
The humming of the dial tone

I can calculate by hand
Albeit rather poorly
I need not strain my thinking gland
The gadgets do it for me

Yes, I remember digits
So did my father's father
But now with all these storage widgets
You don't have to bother

Machines that leave us free to ponder
Extra space inside the head
A shelf that numbers need not squander...
But passwords fill it up instead

Copyright © 2013 by Dave Grossman

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