The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #841
(Week of 26 May, 2013)

This week's poem was inspired by events occurring in the world of computer games, wherein, as many of you are probably aware, I am employed. The gist of what happened this weekend is that a regular person was chosen, more or less at random, to act as the permanent supreme high god of all gods in a new game being made by noted genius/crackpot Peter Molyneux. This was basically a marketing stunt, but kind of a neat idea as well. God, as it turns out, is an eighteen-year-old kid from Edinburgh. This is more or less what I, looking at the world we live in, have suspected all along. Perhaps Molyneux and company are not establishing a new truth, but revealing an old one.

God Likes Toast

God eats sandwiches on toast
He said so in a Twitter post
The Ruler of All gets his shoes at the mall
And likes dried instant noodles the most

The given name of God is Bryan
His is the sky we keep our pie in
Upon his dirt we are trampled and hurt
While he drinks hot tea and Blue Hawaiians

Praise be to Bryan, a regular guy
Who lives with his mom in the vaults on high
Doling out woe and enjoying the show
The grit and the gravy, the fruit and the flies

The lord of all of time and space
Is a member of the human race
So abandon prayer and embrace the despair
Of his listless, unprincipled grace

Copyright © 2013 by Dave Grossman

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