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POTW #711
(Week of 17 January, 2010)

About a year ago (in fact, now that I look it up, it was exactly a year ago tomorrow), I sat down to write the poem, noticed that it would be number 666 in the series, and instantly knew that it would have to be about Satan. Well, this week we come to poem number 711, and so to another concoction inspired solely by its own position in the sequence. It's a convenient way to decide what to write about.


Glaring palette and nomenclature
Convenience never found in nature
Instant satisfaction on a stick
Impulse craving serving joint
Ding at the door and straight to the point
It may not make it well but makes it quick
Modern day attention spans
Fit neatly into aluminum cans
Stacked and chilled in the chest at the warehouse boutique
First glance clean, inspection gritty
Plastic cardboard flimsy pretty
A bit like a hasty poem done every week

(*I was going to cleverly predict that, following the convenience naming path of Hojo and KFC, 7-Eleven would eventually be contracted to Sleven. But informs me that this has already happened, the company just hasn't officially recognized it yet.)
Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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