The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #714
(Week of 7 February, 2010)

Decisions are hard.


Pacing through these hallowed halls
With ownership impunity
Appraising canvas-colored walls
Expansive opportunity
Decorative hunger calls
Cosmetic good intentions
But chromathusiasm stalls
At hills of actual invention
Paint chips offer inspiration
Kaleidoscopic consultation
The infinite is hollowly truthless
A menu vast enough to be useless
They fill my hands like calling cards
Or resident mail solicitations
Rectilinear brawling bards
Singing the merits of tiny gradations
A thousand similar simpleton suitors
Clamoring to be the one
Viridian or puce or pewter
Leave me weakly numbly stunned
Opinions via friends and relations
Resemble a bit the suggesters themselves
The combinations and permutations
Don't always match with each other so well
And at the store where colors grow
Are endless cans of liquid style
Reflecting impassively row after row
The gallery at my aesthetic trial
Every tone I picture in place
I find I view in my mind with distaste
Recoiling with tangible blemishy tension
And lingering feelings of apprehension
So statically I occupy
And stultify and ossify
Inside my maze of hallowed halls
And canvas-colored walls

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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