The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #713
(Week of 31 January, 2010)


Parlor Games for a Rainy Day

Twas a soggy pooch of an afternoon
A potpourri of types of rains
From drizzly sniffle to full monsoon
A perfect day for parlor games

We lined up abreast for some Fastener Cast
Where you try to throw paperclips using your forehead
Our missile supply was used up rather fast
So we switched to the variant, Matchstick Warhead

An hour or so of Castles of Glass
A fragile-item stacking contest
And when the last construction crashed
We started a round of Dandruff Conquest

Then Lurky Loo, a bathroom pastime
Participants hide their heads under towels
I lost by infraction the same way as last time
Snickering audibly gets you a foul

We found supplies for Medicine Brawl
Where pills are used as colorful pawns
It's like Uno meets bocce, played in the hall
You stop and you score when the first person yawns

Cousin Oliver, Don't Jump the Shark, TV Jingle Rummy
Truth or Darren, Spot the Fungus, Sundry Sundry Sundry
Cummerbundle, Scent Conundrum, Alabaster Bunny
Pickup Squiggle, Jigsaw Breakfast, Democratic Money

Dice and cards and glutton feast
We wallowed wild indoors
We saw the rain had long since ceased
But we wanted to play some more

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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