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POTW #723
(Week of 25 April, 2010)

I somehow see coffee shops as symbolically representative of modern society. I'm not sure this makes sense from a strictly logical standpoint, but hey, this is poetry. While I was occupying my local establishment this morning, I began imagining representatives of non-modern society sitting at the other tables. They seemed out of place and somewhat uncomfortable.

The Coffee Conniption, by the way, is not a real coffee shop as far as I know, but one I made up more than a decade ago for Allegedly Yours, a column that ran in a local paper. The Conniption was itself meant to evoke recent times gone by, making it both more and less appropriate for use in this poem. But in any case it was nice to go back there today.

Mug Knights

King Arthur at the Coffee Conniption
Athletic chin unwavering
Sword on the table beside his addiction
A cup of irrelevant bravery

Sir Galahad at the Coffee Conniption
His vaunted polished purity
Sounds ever less like true conviction
And more like insecurity

Sir Lancelot at the Coffee Conniption
Armor and formidability
Prowess now a managed affliction
Outpatient aggression facility

And Merlin works the Coffee Conniption
Regressed beyond his prime
Soaked in teenage contradiction
And the ravages of lack of time

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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