The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #762
(Week of 17 April, 2011)

I had to write this poem, because last night I said I would.

The Emperor of Encino

The Emperor of Encino*
Is as smooth as cappuccino
As sharp as jalapeno
As speed of light as a neutrino
As neon bright as a maraschino

The Emperor of Encino
Is the poor man's Janet Reno
The rich man's Al Pacino
The soccer player's Lee Trevino
The documentarian's Tarantino

The Emperor of Encino
Has more thunder than El Nino
More paradox than Zeno
More gamble than the Sands casino
More grace and charm than Valentino
More classic muscle than a Gran Torino

The Emperor of Encino
Has designs on Cupertino**
Mendocino and San Bernardino***
Watch your borders for the Emperor of Encino
He's the boldest man that we know
And he's coming soon for you

* Encino is a city in California.
** Cupertino is also a city in California.
*** Ditto and ditto.
Copyright © 2011 by Dave Grossman

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