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POTW #848
(Week of 18 August, 2013)

Joe Pinney and I plan to open this restaurant some day. As far as I know it does not already exist, though there are some close replicas. On the other hand, I also thought I was making up the word "icronic," but then I found it on the internet (and meaning something slightly different).

Note: The i is supposed to have a breve over it, but I'm having trouble getting the web page to show it that way. You'll have to imagine it.

Updated note, 2020: Now all of the special characters are broken. For the record, the i has a breve, the o has an umlaut, and the e has an accent aigu.


The hottest restaurant today
Is San Francisco's irone
Iconoclastic restauranteurs
Have found success where taste demurs
Their neon orange mac and cheese
A chemical nostalgic tease
Unnatural as from the box
In fact they make it from the box
But serve it up with knowing winks
And equally icronic drinks
Like instant coffee tasting flights
Or shots of Tang, a crisp delight
SpaghettiOs in tiny scoops
And champagne flutes of Campbell's Soup
Enjoy the Frito-Lay confit
With dollops of Essence of Boyardee
It's a hip, sarcastic, lively scene
Off-the-charts off-the-shelf cuisine
Rumors abound of a Michelin star
And a spin-off breakfast cereal bar!

Copyright © 2013 by Dave Grossman

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