Fancushion Productions

Fomenting Befuddlement

Fancushion is a group of artists, writers, and other creative types based in Marin County, California. Fancushion claims responsibility for the television show Fiction by Louie and has been known to write questionable stories and poetry without warning. Far from having any political or religious goals, Fancushion's primary aim is to foment befuddlement.


Fancushion nearly WAVEs again!

Stuff to look at:

About Fiction by Louie

Fancushion's crackpot drama television show.

Eyeballing Louie

How and where you can see the show.

And the Story of the Moral Is...

An entertaining story-writing jam.

EZ Home Performance Art

Things you can do to foment befuddlement where you live.

Impromptu Poetry

Poetry written on the spur of the moment in public.

Awards Cabinet

Things we've won for making first-rate public access television.

Primary Responsible Parties:


Is one of these people Louie?

Emailing Fancushion

You can comment on the web page, you can comment on the show,
you can tell us our poetry stinks (as if we didn't know).
You can vent your spleen about the guy next door, you can rant about current events,
Fancushion will listen regardless of whether or not you make any sense.

So drop us a line.

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